How to Maintain Your Carpets in Between Professional Cleanings

Woman using vacuum cleaner at home in the living room

Once you have had your carpets professionally cleaned, you understandably want them to stay looking fresh and clean for as long as possible. Maintaining your carpets on a daily basis will keep them that way until your next scheduled cleaning. Not only does this provide benefits for your health and indoor air quality, it also extends the life of your carpet.

Here are some tips to those in-between carpet cleanings:

1.    Wait Till the Carpet is Fully Dry Before Walking On It

It’s best to stay off your carpet till it’s fully dried. Your Detroit carpet cleaning company will ensure fast drying times, but you can further speed the process along by turning on oscillating and ceiling fans, or opening windows.

2.    Don’t Move Furniture Back Right Away

You probably had to move your furniture out of the way to have your carpets cleaned, but don’t be in a rush to move it all back. Make sure the carpet has dried completely before you do this. If you move it back too fast, the areas under the legs of your furniture will take much longer to dry if they dry at all, leading to color transfer or re-soiling.

3.    Clean Stains and Spills Right Away

When spills and stains happen, clean them up right away. The longer you leave the spill on your carpeting, the harder it will be to remove it. Go with a natural cleaner instead of harsh chemicals. You’ll want to blot up spills instead of scrubbing or rubbing, which will spread the stain and cause it to soak far into the fibers.

4.    Vacuum Regularly

If you wait to vacuum your carpets until they actually look dirty, you’re too late. Be sure to vacuum regularly, whether it looks dirty or not, so you can remove dirt and particles that may be invisible to the naked eye. This will also help to remove allergens and other pollutants that make their way into your home. How often you vacuum will depend on the size of your family, your lifestyle habits and more.

5.    Take Off Your Shoes in the House

Wearing your shoes in the house is never a good idea, as they can carry bacteria and dirt into the home. Stop the spread of harmful bacteria, allergens and other contaminants by removing your shoes as soon as you enter the door. Place door mats at entrances to encourage people to leave their shoes there.

6.    Rotate Furniture

Rotate furniture placement every few months to establish new traffic areas and flow patterns. If you keep the same furniture in the same spot for years and years, this makes wear patterns in your carpet and the fibers underneath the furniture can get crushed permanently.

7.    Apply Carpet Protectants

To prevent soiling and to extend your carpet’s life, apply a carpet protectant once it’s been freshly cleaned. This will help repel spills and dirt from getting deep into the fibers. Do this every year, especially in high traffic areas. Many carpet cleaning companies will apply such protectants after cleaning, as well as carpet deodorizers and anti-bacterial treatments.

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