Pet Stains & Odor Removal

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If you have a dog or many pets, you know how much they can have accidents! Those accidents always seem to leave behind tough stains and odors especially when you don’t find those accidents until later. Our cleaning team has plenty of experience dealing with pet stains of every nature and removing their unsightly blemishes so you can go back to loving your little fur baby.

Fast Pet Stain Removal and Odor Removal

As we show up to your home, we also clean any pet hair you have on furniture. Whether Fido has coarse, brittle hair or light, fluffy hair, your carpets act as a magnet for fur of all kinds. There’s no avoiding it. After all, your dog loves to frolic, take naps, and snuggle on your carpets. All that hair gets stuck deep into the fibers of your carpet.

You may think you’re sucking all that hair out when you vacuum, but think again. You’re only getting a small fraction of pet hair out of your floors no matter how often you vacuum. You need something stronger. That’s where 1st Class Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services comes in.

We have a special machine with several rotational brushes that work in opposite directions for a more effective clean that extracts deep-set dog hair once and for all. With that hair, you’re also grabbing the pet dander, odors, bacteria, and fleas too – anything that was once on your dog is now sucked up and away. Many sub-par traditional machines have one-directional beater brushes that just don’t get the job done.

1st Class Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services Removes the Sight and the Smell of Fuzzy Little Friends

Our pet stain, odor removal and dog hair removal service:

  • Is an add-on service that can be used prior to carpet cleaning
  • Utilizes a special machine that pulls out the pet stains, odors and dog hair
  • Refreshes matted carpet piles
  • Removes pet dander, bacteria, fleas, and ticks

Right now, we’re offering 20% off any two services, making dog hair removal a great add-on to complement our carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, and more.

To book an appointment for experienced pet stain and odor removal and to get a free quote, call 1st Class Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services at (248) 491-3088.

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Health Benefits of Dog Hair Removal

You may love your pets, but their hair and everything they track in can pose a health risk to occupants of the home. There are many benefits to regular dog hair removal in your home.

Dog Hair Removal: Pet Dander

Pet dander causes runny noses and itchy eyes at best, but at worst it can be harmful to your respiratory system.

Dog Hair Removal: Bacteria

Your dog picks up all kinds of nasty bacteria when playing outdoors. Humans can catch bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli, as well as diarrhea bacteria from animal fur.

Dog Hair Removal: Parasites

Certain parasites can set up shop in pet pelt, especially if you have an outdoor dog. These parasitic infections in animal fur can include hookworms, tapeworms, and scabies.

Dog Hair Removal: Allergies and Asthma

Pet hair allergies can cause humans to experience coughing and wheezing, sneezing, runny nose, red and irritated eyes, and sinus problems. If any family member has asthma, it can be triggered by inhaling animal hairs. Think about your babies and toddlers that crawl around and lay on the carpet for much of the day!

Why You Need Dog Hair Removal

There are many reasons why you would need dog hair removal services from 1st Class.

  • You’re a new homeowner and want to rid the carpets of dog hair from the previous owners.
  • You just moved into a new apartment and want to rid the carpets of dog hair from the previous tenants.
  • You’re a real estate agent or landlord and need to prep the space for a new owner/tenant
  • You are concerned about the buildup of dog hair in your carpets and want to sign up for regular service.

Whatever your reason for needing dog hair removal, we can help!

Call 1st Class Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services at (248) 491-3088

To schedule a consultation on our dog hair removal services, call us at (248) 491-3088 today. We are based at 57351 12 Mile Rd, New Hudson MI 48165 but service many surrounding communities, including Redford MI, Novi MI, Livonia MI, West Bloomfield MI, Northville MI and Farmington Hills MI.

Excellent results and my rugs were dirty! Very experienced,, knowledgeable and helpful owners/cleaners!! Could not be happier!
I have used 1st Class for both a commercial building and our home. Both experiences were great! I thought our carpet at home was past the point of no return, but they did an amazing job. Pet stains and heavy traffic areas look so great. They are super responsive and timely. A great local small business! I would highly recommend.
Response from the owner: We appreciate the review
Great company, great owners. They always do a thorough carpet cleaning.
Excellent service. They really know there stuff when it comes to cleaning carpet and couches. Friendly staff. Very reasonable prices. Thank you.
Ginny and Claude came on short notice. They did a great job.
I could not be happier with our cleaning service from 1st Class! From my first call, Ginny worked with me to optimize the timing of our cleaning with other work being done, and all communication from there was clear and thorough. Claude and Ginny are genuinely nice people and were a pleasure to work with during the cleaning. They clearly know their stuff and stand behind their work. Results were my formerly bedraggled 9 year old carpets looking brand new and a company I will definitely use again and recommend to others.
This Company did a fantastic job on our 30+ year old carpet that just won't wear out! While we were moving furniture back afterward, I noticed a strip in a traffic area that didn't look quite right. When I contacted them, they were back out within a few hours and promptly took care of the issue!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review
Awesome company, my furniture looks amazing. They were clean and professional. Also, on time and went right to work!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review
I saw their google reviews and called them for carpet cleaning. Very professional and the best carpet cleaners I have ever had and very reasonable prices. 😊😊😊
Response from the owner: Thanks we appreciate the review
Very professional, polite, the carpets looked and smelled wonderful!
I called him on Saturday to clean my couch and my chair and they came out on Sunday and did an awesome job. I will be using this company again
This company is amazing! I highly recommend them! They were on time and super friendly and did an amazing job! Great experience!
Team just left moments ago after carpet cleaning. House looks much better already. They got out stuck on stains. Highly recommend them. After using others, they are now our go to carpet cleaning crew.
Response from the owner: Thanks we try to make every experience 1stclass
Are use this company for air duct and dryer vent cleaning services. The team was extremely professional and courteous and informed me of any concerns with my events. I was very happy with the quality of the service and the duration.
Response from the owner: Thanks for using our company and it was a pleasure to meet you and your husband!
1st Class is exceptional. Extremely responsive, courteous, thorough and on time. Definitely recommend! THANK YOU!
Wow 1st class is their name for a reason. I had the vent cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services done today. They did such a thorough job in 2.5 hours for a 2500 sqft house, very nice owners (husband/wife) team that show up and WORK. Very satisfied.
Hung up the phone and they were at our front door in minutes. Toilet leaking all over wet carpet.
My 2 dogs got skunked last night. We cleaned up everything we could ourselves but our main rug i couldnt get the smell out. I called 1st class and HANDS DOWN the FASTEST SERVICE IVE EVER GOTTEN. Lucky for me they live down the road and were here at my house 15 mins later. Totally professional, got rid of the smell and so understanding and helpful.Im passing there information on to all my neighbors and friends because you dont get service like they provide anywhere else!!!Thanks again for everything!!!!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review we pride ourselves in customer service
Would recommend this company. On time and courteous. Excellent job on my carpet which was extremely dirty looks great now.
Response from the owner: Thank you Dorothy for your kind words!
They were fabulous! They were early and got some nasty stuff out. Thank you so much.
Response from the owner: Thank you!
We have a carpet that was the best quality at the time, but is 30 years old. It had so many stains, I was sure they were permanent. The owners showed up with state of the art equipment and 'steam' cleaned, not hot water clean, and got almost every stain and mark out of this old carpet. It honestly looks like new. The only stain remaining was because it was actual wood stain and you have to replace the carpet with that much damage. The steam allows you to walk on the carpet in 6 hours instead of the usual 24. We are selling this house and the carpet was the only sore spot, but not anymore. I will recommend this company to family and friends with a clear conscience.
Response from the owner: Thank you Tom for wonderful review!
On time. Easy to contact and schedule appointment. The carpet looks great!
Response from the owner: Wonderful to hear!
Very professional. Did a great job. They are the only carpet cleaning company I use.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the feedback!
Absolutely awesome experience! I needed anti-microbial cleaning for a guest coming with severe allergies. They arrived promptly, were fast and efficient and I’ll recommend them all day long.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for sharing your experience and we are happy to serve you!
Excellent, thorough duct and carpet cleaning. Will definitely use them again!
Response from the owner: Great to hear!
Did a first-class job on time and very professional. No pricing games just a good honest job at a good fair price.
Response from the owner: Thanks!
Claude was a great guy and too informative. He explained me of every bit of the services that he was doing. I would definitely try him all the time and would recommend him :-)
Response from the owner: This is terrific to hear and thank you for your feedback!
After our crawlspace flooded due to a frozen pipe, we could not have asked for a better experience or better service than what Claude provided. One of the perks of a small town and local business - we called in the later evening hours on a weeknight, expecting to get voicemail and/or be told we would have to wait a couple days, but Claude was there with a pump within 20 minutes! A good 2-3 feet of water was pumped and gone by the next morning allowing us to quickly get our pipe fixed and boiler up and running so we could heat our house. Claude brought a blower over, checked in with us regularly, and finalized his part by spraying to prevent mold. Friendly, knowledgeable, and more than fair in pricing. We highly recommend this local small business!
They are the best .fast and professionalTotally would recommend.
Very knowledgeable and arrived right on time. Happy with cleaning and would highly recommend. Plan to use again.
1st class carpet cleaning lives up to its name! Great work and left us with clean carpet and furniture that we thought needed to be replaced! All at affordable pricing and friendly service.
These gentlemen were very professional! They really know their craft!
Excellent service and quality work and did two of our rugs for free!!
Very professional, attention to detail and customer service oriented. Recommend this company highly.