Ready For Holiday Guests? Follow These Carpet Cleaning Tips

MAn Sweeping Up Christmas Party

With the holidays right around the corner, you may be planning some family get-togethers and festive parties. This is your chance to show off your home and your beautiful décor, including your carpets. You also want to keep them looking brand new to impress guests as well as maintain clean flooring well after they have left.

Before the guests head over to help you deck the halls, find out how you can ensure your carpet and tile floors stay beautiful this holiday season:

  1. Place doormats and boot trays at entrances: Place doormats at entry doors to encourage the wiping of feet. In the front entry, add a boot tray or bin where your guests can take off their wet or snowy boots. Post a cute sign as a reminder so you don’t have to keep repeating yourself as every guest arrives.
  2. Add seating: Add a decorative bench for them to sit on so they don’t have to balance on one foot in your foyer. As a good hostess, you could also provide slippers or slipper socks for your guests to wear inside your home if they didn’t bring extra shoes.
  3. Clean your pets’ paws: Your guests’ shoes aren’t the only things tracking in dirt. Your pets’ claws are the worst culprit. Wipe off their paws before they come inside the house. Not only does this prevent irritation from rock salt and dirt to their paws, it ensures your home stays clean.
  4. Add area rugs and hallway runners: Area rugs and runners will protect wood, carpet or laminate floors. This way, if spills, dirt, and stains do occur, they will be shielded by the rug and won’t fall directly on your floors. It’s easier to wash area rugs and runners later on than it is to scrub at your main flooring.
  5. Strategically place tables, stands and trays around the room: Your guests will be spending the evening mingling, which means they will be forced to hold their wine glasses and appetizer plates. Putting small tables and trays in each room will encourage them to place down food and drink rather than risk a spill.
  6. Vacuum and sweep before and after guests arrive: Prior to the party, vacuum the carpets and sweep the floors. Once everyone leaves, do the same to remove dirt or pieces of debris left by the festivities that could harm your floors.
  7. Mop up spills as they happen: Unfortunately, spills happen. Whether the offender is red wine, soda or juice, mop it up right away. Instead of scrubbing, use a gentle motion and use mild soap and water. You could also apply a stain remover designed for carpets and upholstery.
  8. Schedule your next carpet cleaning soon: You want to put your best foot forward for your guests, so have your carpets cleaned before hosting your parties. After the holidays, schedule another cleaning to freshen them up.

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