Can Your Rugs Be Cleaned in the Same Way Your Carpets Can?

A cockapoo dog lies down on a fluffy rug in the living room.

It’s easy to ruin a rug if you clean it in the same way you do your wall to wall carpeting. There is a difference in the way both are cleaned. Carpet cleaning is a bit different from area rug cleaning. Here’s why.

1.  Construction

The construction of an area rug and wall-to-wall carpet differs. While an area rug is made to withstand being picked up and moved around, carpet stays in place. This is why they have to be made differently. And when it comes to area rugs, each of those are constructed differently and require different care. For example, manufactured synthetic rugs won’t clean the same way as hand-woven or braided rugs.

2.  Frills and Fringe

You don’t see fringe or frills at the edges of carpeting, but you do on area rugs. That fringe is an embellishment that impacts the way you clean them. You can’t vacuum fringe or else it will get pulled and destroyed. These need special TLC when vacuuming and cleaning.

3.  Dirt Removal

Area rugs are usually thicker and tighter-knit than their carpet counterparts, which safeguards them from foot traffic, but can also trap loose dirt and grime that gets tracked into the home. Vacuums aren’t enough to remove that ground-in dirt, which is why you need regular rug cleaning as well. With a smaller rug, though, you have the added ability to take it outside and beat out the dirt. The easier solution is to just hire a professional rug cleaner.

4.  Ink and Dye Bleeding

Carpets are usually one single color but rugs can be comprised of multiple colors that may bleed into each other if you don’t take care when cleaning them. The proper cleaning solutions, chemicals and methods must be followed in cleaning rugs, which is another reason to hire a pro.

5.  Tea Wash/Antiquing

Another concern is antiquing, a process done by the importer or manufacturer to make the rug look older and thus more expensive. It involves a layer of aggressive acidic wash or a tea dye post-treatment. This layer may wash away during the cleaning process if you use the wrong cleaning solution or methods.

So, in short, to get the best results in rug and carpet cleaning, hire a professional Detroit carpet cleaning company you trust to know the difference!

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