How to Get Ink Out of Carpet

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Uh oh. Your kid got into the pens and spilled ink on your carpet. What a mess. Now what? Are you resigned to placing a piece of furniture over the stain and hope no one ever moves it? Nope. There’s a better way. Before you panic and start scrubbing violently at the stain with hand soap and a rag, take a breath, read this article, and get the stain out the right way. Try your best, and if that doesn’t work, you know you can always hire professional carpet cleaners in Detroit to get it out once and for all.

Tips to Remove Ink Stains

Blot it Out

The first thing you want to do is gently blot the stained area so you can soak up as much of the ink as you can. For this, use a white cloth or rag so you can see where the ink has transferred. This way, you won’t use the same inky part of the rag on your carpet, further worsening the stain. Even paper towels or an old white t shirt will do the trick.

Soak It

Get out the rubbing alcohol and soak the stained area. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, then gently blot at the stain. If you have a wet/dry vac, use it at this stage.

Gently Scrub the Area

Using a scrub brush or old toothbrush, gently scrub the ink from the carpet. You’ll have to work harder and deeper if you have thick plush carpet. As you work, separate the carpet piles by hand so you can reach the base.

Blot Again

Blot the area again with a clean white towel and lukewarm water.

Hopefully, the above steps work for you, but often times, the ink is just too stubborn. You may never get the ink completely gone on your own. That’s when you…

Call the Professionals

Some types of ink will cause a bigger and more permanent stain than others. If you’ve tried all the above steps to no avail, it’s time to call in the big guns. Carpet cleaning professionals come equipped with advanced carpet-cleaning tools that can remove any stain out of any type of carpet. Even the most stubborn stains can be lifted out with the use of special solvents and powerful vacuums. With a pro, nothing is impossible!

Contact 1st Class Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services

1st Class Carpet Cleaning should be your first call when you spill ink on your carpets. The longer you let it sit, the deeper the stain will get. Let our team spot treat your carpet with our proven stain removal process. To schedule carpet cleaning in New Hudson MI or surrounding areas, contact us at (248) 491-3088.