What is Hot Water Extraction?

Using dry steam cleaner to sanitize floor carpet.

Hot water extraction, sometimes referred to as steam cleaning, is a process that involves injecting hot water and a special cleaning solution into the pile of the carpet in order to dislodge debris and extract dirt and stains through the use of powerful wet vacuums. This method offers optimal cleaning results over other types of cleaning methods.

Professional cleaners like 1st Class Carpet Cleaning and Restoration feature truck-mounted equipment that’s more powerful than anything you can find at the rental store. These high-powered systems evenly distribute hot water and the cleaning substances deep down into the carpet fibers, reaching much more than just the surface dirt.

A Look at the Process

The typical hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine features two chambers:

  • A solution tank that holds the clean water and cleaning solution.
  • A recovery tank that collects all the dirty water.

A high-pressure water pump distributes hot cleaning solution to the carpet from the solution tank, suspending the dirt and debris. Then the twin vacuums kick in to extract the dirty water and debris and send it into the recovery tank. It just takes a few seconds, but the process is very effective and fast.

Benefits of Hot Water Extraction

There are several advantages of the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning, especially when done by a professional.

1.    It’s Eco-Friendly

The process is eco-friendly and gentler on the environment than traditional carpet cleaning methods such as shampooing. These machines only use a small amount of water and detergent, leading to less waste and less impact on the environment. Plus, the solutions are 100% biodegradable.

2.    It’s Effective

This process is the most effective, thanks to its ability to extract deep-set dirt and stains quickly. It can even successfully remove stains from cosmetics, tea, wine, soda, oil, food and even blood.

3.    It Dries Quickly

Due to the small amount of water being used and the high power of the vacuums, your carpets can be dry in just a few hours. Plus, there are no soapy residues to worry about and no concerns of over-wetting that can encourage mold growth.

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