Get Your New Home Ready for the Family to Move In

Couple cleaning their new kitchen.

Moving into a new home this spring? This is an exciting time, to be sure. There’s a lot of planning and logistics to worry about, but in all the confusion, don’t forget to schedule a deep clean of your new home before the family moves in. From carpets to upholstery, removing dust, dirt, pet dander and stains are a must if you want to start off your new homeownership on the right foot. Disinfecting all surfaces: this is another critical aspect of getting your new home move-in ready.

Hiring a professional for the big stuff is wise, such as carpet and upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning and tile and grout. But here are some tips on what you can do to clean your new home:

Pack a Cleaning Essentials Box

When packing up your old home, anticipate what you will need to clean the new one once you arrive. Place this box in the car with you, or at the front of the truck so you can easily grab it. In it, you’ll need all the basics: disinfectant wipes, sprays, paper towels, all-purpose cleaners, window cleaning sprays, rags, garbage bags, brushes, broom and dustpan.

Change the Air Filters

You probably have no idea when the previous homeowners last changed the air filters in your new home, so it’s best to change them when you arrive to be safe. Who wants extra dust clouding up their newly cleaned home and carpets? Install fresh filters and mark the date of installation so you know when to do it next. It’s also a good time to schedule air duct cleaning. Again, you don’t know when the last owner had the air ducts cleaned, if ever, and it’s best to start with a clean slate.

This is especially important if you suffer from allergies or asthma. Periodic air duct cleaning will promote healthier living so the dirty air in your home doesn’t keep re-circulating over and over again.

Clean the Bathroom

As the germiest room in the house, you’ll want to give the bathroom a good once-over. Start at the top, dusting the ceiling, corners, fans, vents and light fixtures. Then move to the windowsills and window coverings, followed by the cabinets and closets. Scrub the shower, tub, and any enclosures, followed by the toilet. It may be a good idea to invest in a new toilet seat for your family. Lastly, wash down the sink, fixtures, and all mirrors.

Clean the Floors

It’s best to hire a professional cleaner to steam clean all carpets before you even move in. For wood floors, sweep them well, making sure to get under heating vents and appliances. Then, use a mild soap to clean the surfaces, remove dirt and polish it up. For tile or linoleum floors, sweep or vacuum them to pick up debris, then mop them using mild cleaning solutions. If you notice the grout in between the tiles is dirty, don’t hassle with it yourself. Hire a professional so the job is done right. For instance, here at 1st Class Carpet Cleaning, we use advanced steam cleaning technology that blends steam, high-pressure water and vacuums to loosen and remove dirt, grime and bacteria.

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