What Carpet Cleaning Method is the Best?

Carpet cleaner with hose and wand cleaning older home.

Not all carpet cleaning methods – or companies for that matter – are created equal. Different companies use different approaches to clean carpets. How do you know which one is the most effective?

The four main types of carpet cleaning are wet cleaning, dry cleaning, cleaning with an absorbent pad and dry foam.

Wet Cleaning

This is the most popular method, and is recommended by carpet manufacturers and cleaning professionals. Also known as steam cleaning or hot water extraction, the carpet is pre-conditioned with a chemical reagent to liquefy soils and oil-based substances in the carpet fibers. Water, heated almost to boiling and pressurized, is injected into the carpet then extracted with a vacuum.

This method is very effective at removing deep down soil and staining, but it does take a while to dry. This is the method we use here at 1st Class Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services for its excellent results due to high temperatures and safe use of solutions. But more on that later…

Cleaning With an Absorbent Pad

Dry cleaning with an absorbent pad, also known as bonnet cleaning, is used mostly for routine light maintenance. The carpet is vacuumed first, followed by application of a chemical solution with a hand pump or electric sprayer and allowed to sit. The absorbent pad, which resembles a towel, is placed on a rotary floor machine and will begin spinning over the carpet surface at 100 to 300 rpm. The purposes is to infiltrate the carpet fibers with the chemical solution and then extract all the soil afterward.

This method is fast and simple with no dry time but it usually only works well with lightly-soiled carpets. That’s because it only cleans the top one-third of the fibers and can’t reach deeper down where dirt and chemicals can accumulate.

Dry Cleaning With Absorbent Compound

A powder mixed with solvents and cleaning agents is spread over the carpet, and then worked into the carpet fibers with a machine featuring counter-rotating brushes. The powder will absorb the soils in the carpet fibers for about 15 minutes, until which time it’s vacuumed up. This method is simple and fast drying, but like the method above, it doesn’t give a deep down clean and can cause excessive dust build-up.

Dry Foam or Rotary Shampoo

A cleaning agent designed to suspend debris and dirt is applied, which is whipped into a foam and worked into the carpet fibers with machines featuring rotating brushes. The foam is then extracted with the vacuum. This method is also fast and simple and only uses a small amount of moisture, but high temperatures cannot be achieved and soil extraction is nearly impossible below the carpet’s surface.

What the True Professionals Use

Here at 1st Class Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services, we use the most advanced cleaning technology available to give you the deep down clean you need. Our vans are equipped with The Butler System, the #1 truck mounted cleaning system available. This system is custom built into our vans using the V-8 van motor to power it, resulting in superior cleaning capabilities because it never loses suction or temperature.

Our system runs at a consistent temperature of 200 degrees, designed to sterilize all surfaces it touches. Most of our cleaning chemicals are made right here in Michigan, certified as environmentally friendly and non-toxic. We offer:

  • Steam Cleaning
  • Pet Stain and Order Removal
  • Carpet Deodorizers
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Urine Removal
  • Anti-Bacterial Treatment

If you’re ready to give steam cleaning for your carpets a try, contact us at 248-491-3088. You won’t believe how clean your home can get!