4 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

Father and daughter cleaning house.

Now that winter is over and spring is upon us, it’s time to throw open the windows, get out the disinfecting products and tackle the chore of spring cleaning. All winter long, family members, guests and pets have been tracking salt into your home. On top of that, your windows have been closed up tight all season…now’s the perfect time to freshen up your home.

We know it can be overwhelming, so here are some tips to get it done efficiently.

1.    Clean Room-By-Room

First, get organized. Approaching spring cleaning chores on a room-by-room basis will ensure the most effective results. Create room checklists and mark items done as you go. Tackle one room a day, or a few a day: whatever you can handle. Focus primarily on areas that have been neglected all winter long.

2.     Clean Salt Residue off Floors

Cleaning up the salt residue left over from winter may seem like an overwhelming task but for small areas of staining on your kitchen floors or hallways, you can try a homemade mix of:

  • White vinegar
  • Warm water
  • Microfiber mop/soft mop/soft scrubber
  • Towels

For large, salt-stained areas, your best bet is to hire professionals to remove salt stains from tile as well as carpeting.

3.    Refresh Your Furniture

Your sofas and arm chairs may be smelling a little musty right about now. To get rid of odors, vacuum your furniture with an upholstery brush attachment to get rid of dust, hair and debris. Take off all cushions and be sure to vacuum both sides. Then, sprinkle baking soda on the upholstered areas, let it sit for 15, 20 minutes and then vacuum it all up. Baking soda works well because it is known for absorbing odors. Works great on pet beds too!

4.    Increase Ventilation

In addition to opening up the windows and setting up fans, you should also run dehumidifiers throughout the home, as moisture can lead to mildew and mold, which can lead to odors and health issues. Now is also a good time to get your air ducts cleaned, which can trap allergens and dust that make people in your house sick.

5.    Organize Clutter

Spring is the perfect time to go through the home and get rid of items you no longer need. You’ll free up space, but you’ll get the added bonus of de-odorizing your home. For example, sports equipment from your son’s football season should be sanitized or thrown out if no longer needed.

Get rid of items that no longer serve you and that have been weighing you down. Start fresh with a more streamlined, clean lifestyle. Make a commitment to regularly getting your carpets, upholstery and air ducts cleaned by a professional to save you time and headaches.

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