DIY Carpet Cleaning vs. Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service: What the Pros Do That You Can’t

DIY Carpet Cleaning vs. Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service: What the Pros Do That You Can't

You may consider yourself a DIY’er, the weekend warrior type who likes to take ownership of all tasks relating to your home and yard. To that we say, great! But there are certain jobs that demand a professional’s attention and expertise, and carpet cleaning is one of them. If you are torn between renting a carpet cleaning machine from the local hardware store vs. hiring a carpet cleaning company in Michigan, take the time to compare your options.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

While it’s true you may be able to clean your own carpets at a lower price point, the inconvenience of gathering everything you will need, as well as the costs involved, will cancel out any savings you may have hoped for. But the worst part of it all is that no carpet cleaning rental machine can get your carpet clean like an industrial-strength system by the professionals.

You’re throwing good money after bad when you clean your own carpets, as you’re sacrificing a high level of quality just to save a buck. Those DIY machines may be OK for surface cleaning, but they can’t truly deep clean your carpets. Only professional grade systems can do that.

That’s because, by their very nature, self carpet cleaning machines have low water pressure and weak vacuums, meaning they cannot rinse the carpet fibers thoroughly, not to mention it will take days upon days to dry, more than enough time for your carpet to start to emit a soggy, musty odor – a breeding ground for mold.

And because you’re not getting a deep clean, those pet urine odors won’t go away either. Urine saturates the padding and stays there, leaving your home smelling foul.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

The only way to get a high quality, deep carpet cleaning is to hire professionals who have equipment that cleans not only the surface of your carpet, but deep down into the fibers and into the padding too. Here at 1st Class Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services, we use a powerful truck-mounted system to suck out the deepest grime and toughest stains. Plus, our dry times are quick, taking just a few hours instead of days.

You need an expert in pet urine and odor removal, which we are. Removal of urine and odors such as smoke entails the application of specialty solutions and techniques.

You also need extremely hot water to clean carpets effectively. DIY carpet cleaning machines are limited to the temperature of water coming from the tap, as most of them don’t have built-in water heaters.

We use The Butler System, built right into our vans, that draws its power from a V-8 motor. This can keep the water temperature at a consistent 200 degrees Fahrenheit – hot enough to kill any bacteria or odor. Plus, it grabs deeply-embedded dirt thanks to its powerful and constant suction.

Finally, when washing your own carpets, you risk damaging them due to inexperience and the use of harsh chemicals. A professional cleans carpets every single day and knows the proper techniques to efficiently and effectively clean your flooring.

So, ditch the DIY machines and call a pro instead. No hassle, no fuss, just clean results FAST.

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