6 Signs of Water Damage You Need to Look Out For

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No homeowner wants to discover they have suffered water damage in their basement or other area of the house. Water damage spreads, often leading to mold, which will grow on any surface it comes into contact with. Spores can even travel through the air, and after landing on damp walls or flooring, can grow into a colony within 24 to 48 hours.

Prompt removal is essential to prevent foul odors from developing and further saturation of your carpeting and furniture, as well as the growth of mold and toxic mold.

The worst part about water damage is that it rarely stays in one spot. It spreads, invading other areas of your floor, eventually reaching walls and ceilings if it is not stopped.

Aside from the obvious pooling water or puddles, other signs of water damage can include anything from musty smells to dark or wet spots. Unfortunately, water damage isn’t always apparent or obvious right away. Sure, sometimes, it’s clear when you have suffered damage, such as after a burst pipe sprays water everywhere, or a big rain storm floods your basement. But in many cases, water damage is subtle and gradual.

Be on the lookout for these common signs, and call your trusted water damage restoration company in Michigan immediately.

1.    Sound

Sometimes you will hear water damage before you see it. You may detect a dripping sound, a rushing sound, or maybe you will hear a sound similar to creaking floor boards. Of course, these sounds could also be signs of a perfectly functioning and normal plumbing system, so to be more specific, be alert to any signs that those sounds have changed.

2.    Smell

Dampness has a distinct odor that is often accompanied by a musky smell, of which mold is often the culprit.

3.    Pooling Water or Puddles

See an unusual puddle? Clean it up, then keep an eye on it to see if it returns. If so, you have a leak or some seepage.

4.    Coldness

If your home is getting difficult to heat and maintain comfort, dampness could be affecting your walls. Water and moisture tend to draw heat out of walls to evaporate, which leaves your home colder as a result.

5.    Mold

Just like there is no smoke without fire, there’s no mold without water damage. Mold is a sign of too much moisture. Not only must the mold be cleaned up and removed, the source that has fueled it must be addressed as well, or else the mold will just come back. Mold comes with many adverse health reactions, such as runny noses, scratchy eyes and throats, headaches, and nausea. Toxic mold is even worse, with chronic exposure leading to anything from asthma and lung infections to seizures and even death. You can’t see it, but it’s there, lurking behind your walls and under carpets.

6.    Discoloration

Be on the lookout for streaks of water running down the sides of your home. This could be due to an overflowing gutter, which causes distinctive watermarks.

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