9 Holiday Carpet Cleaning Tips

9 Holiday Carpet Cleaning Tips

If you’re planning to have a few guests over for the holidays this year, you want your floors to look their best. You don’t want people judging you by your musty, dirty carpets, do you? Your carpets are a source of pride, which is why you should make every effort to ensure they are looking their best this December.

Here’s how you can keep your carpet and tile floors tidy this holiday season:

  1. Doormats: Place doormats outside each entry door to your home so your visitors can wipe off their shoes before coming in.
  2. Boot trays: Place a large boot tray at the front entry so guests can take off their wet boots and put on dry shoes. Or, you could provide slippers or slipper socks for your guests to don while their boots dry.
  3. Area rugs and hallway runners: Protect wood, carpet or laminate flooring with area rugs and hallway runners. These keep spills, dirt, and stains from falling directly onto your good flooring. You can easily wash the runners and rugs later.
  4. Shoe removal: Ask guests to take off their shoes before entering. Put up a festive sign as a reminder.
  5. Tables, stands and trays: Your guests will likely be walking around your home holding plates and cups. To avoid spills, strategically place tables, trays and stands around the room so they can set down their snacks and drinks.
  6. Touch up vacuuming and sweeping: Prior to the party, as well as after, vacuum your carpets and sweep your floors.
  7. Mop up spills immediately: If someone spills soda or wine on your carpet, clean it up right away. Don’t scrub; use a gentle motion with mild soap and water, or use a stain remover designed for carpets and upholstery.
  8. Clean pets’ paws: It’s not just human shoes that track in dirt. Pets’ claws can too. Clean off their paws before they enter the house. This keeps your home cleaner, plus it prevents their paws from irritation from rock salt and dirt.
  9. Schedule your next carpet cleaning before and after the holidays: Having your carpets cleaned before your party will ensure they look their best for guests. Then, once your guests have all left, schedule another cleaning to freshen the carpets up.

The holidays are certainly a festive time of year. Don’t dampen your holiday spirits with a grungy carpet!

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