How Long Do Companies Have to Close for Disinfection Due to COVID-19 Exposure?

Woman closing business with sign.

As we head into the seventh month of the COVID-19 pandemic here in the U.S., concerns about coronavirus rage on. Businesses are slowly starting to open back up, tentatively and gingerly, as they welcome employees, customers and visitors back into their buildings. There’s no doubt companies of all sizes recognize the importance of sanitizing and cleaning their properties, but on a much more frequent basis than they ever did before.

But even as more and more people are welcomed back to the fray, there is an increased concern for more positive cases of coronavirus. As a business owner, you may be wondering if or for how long you would have to shut down for disinfection after a possible or confirmed exposure. It also begs the question: should you be getting your carpet cleaned more frequently as well? The short answer is yes, but more on that later.

What to Do If Your Business is Affected

According to the CDC, companies don’t necessarily have to close down completely after an individual with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 has been in the facility. The area visited by the ill individuals should be closed for 24 hours or for as long as it is possible to sufficiently sanitize and disinfect the area.

Property owners and managers are encouraged to open windows and doors as much as possible and use ventilation fans to boost air circulation in the immediate area. Once the area has been disinfected, it may be opened for use. Workers who have not had close contact with the ill person can return to work right after disinfection has been completed.

Recommended Steps

In addition to sanitizing and disinfecting, carpet cleaning is also recommended by experts to remove any traces of coronavirus. After all, carpet fibers act as bacteria traps, catching all dirt, dust and allergens that pass through them. Research shows that carpets are 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat – and that’s just in your home. Imagine how dirty your carpets are on a regular basis, not just during a pandemic? And before you assume your daily housekeeping crew will handle it, think again. A standard vacuum cleaner’s suction and rotating brush won’t reach past the very first layer of your business’ carpet.

Here at 1st Class Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services, we use TruSteam carpet cleaning services to sanitize commercial carpets and kill germs, including the novel coronavirus, whereby the water is heated to higher than 200 degrees F, well enough to kill COVID-19. This goes for carpets and upholstery as well, which you likely have a lot of in your conference rooms, seating areas, waiting rooms, and common areas.

And by the way, we also provide specialty cleaning and disinfecting for high-touch areas, countertops, tabletops, door knobs, equipment, electronics and floors. We are a one-stop shop for your commercial business.

Protect Your Business

Don’t risk your re-opening strategy and the health of your occupants with sub-par cleaning and lack of attention to the most important parts of your office, restaurant or shop. Call us for carpet cleaning, disinfecting and even air duct cleaning today at (248) 491-3088.