Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Office Carpet Cleaning

View of clean carpet in home office area.

Carpet cleaning is one of those things that office managers, business owners and property managers often ignore. It’s easy to forget about this task when you have so many other things going on. And if you don’t see a huge stain in the middle of your lobby, you may assume your carpets are just fine. They’re not.

You shouldn’t ignore regular office carpet cleaning! This should be at the top of your cleaning priority list alongside regular sanitizing, taking out the trash and cleaning the office kitchen. Here are some reasons why office carpet cleaning is a must.

Bacteria and Germs

The low-pile carpet in your office may not be long and plush like your carpet at home, but it’s still vulnerable to allergen and bacteria invasions – in fact, more so because many more people walk on your office carpets than on your home carpets. On top of harmful bacteria and allergens that could be making you sick, you also have to worry about odors.

You can’t expect your staff to work every day in an office that smells, and you can’t expect your clients to respect your business if they walk into a stinky office. This doesn’t reflect well on you or your reputation.


As a business owner, you know how important first impressions are on guests and clients. If your carpet looks grungy, old, dirty and stain filled, your customers will notice it right away. They may equate this lack of cleanliness to a lack of pride in your business. You can’t afford to lose business to clients over such a simple problem with a simple solution.

Remember, money talks! And the bottom line is: dirty carpets are just not good for business.


This alone is a big reason to get your office carpets cleaned regularly. You can’t compromise the health of your staff and clients with long-term exposure to mold. Once mold sets in, it can cause serious health effects but it can also lead to costly repairs and mitigation services if left unchecked.

Exposure to mold is not a good thing for humans. Your employees could breathe in airborne spores from mold, leading to respiratory issues for your staff, more frequent illness, more sick days and less productivity, which means less money and more hassle for your company.

It’s time to prioritize regular carpet cleaning for your Detroit area office! From health effects to aesthetics, your business could be suffering from dirty carpets. Once you get on a regular carpet cleaning schedule, you won’t believe the difference!

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