The Health Benefits of Clean Carpets

The Health Benefits of Clean Carpets

Your carpets are dirtier than you think. Those fibers acts as filters for the dust, pet dander, dirt and other allergens that flow through your home daily. Indoor air pollution happens in homes, too, not just out on the freeways with the exhaust from cars and trucks. In fact, indoor air can be up to 5x more polluted than the outside air and is the leading cause of asthma and breathing difficulties. Controlling indoor pollutants can reduce the risk of health concerns. Regular carpet cleaning should be one of those tasks.

The air in your home circulates pollen, dust mites, bacteria, and dead skin cells, all of which fall to surfaces such as countertops as well as your floors. They get trapped in your carpets, rugs, fabrics, and linens, posing serious respiratory health problems to everyone in the home, especially kids and the elderly.

When you consider how long we stay sealed up in our homes, especially in the winter, it’s no wonder all those allergens can easily aggravate our senses. When you remove those allergens regularly, you do your part to reduce their effect on your health.

Clean Carpets: The Advantages

Carpets remain the most common and popular type of flooring in homes. They’re soft, provide insulation against noise, and feel cozy underfoot. However, they collect dirt, debris, and bacteria that can hamper health. Regular carpet cleaning can:

Prevent Mold Growth

Mold growth is a big risk in areas of high humidity, when flooding occurs, or wherever frequent spills collect – not to mention those spots around large furniture pieces where airflow is compromised. Moisture spurs mold growth, which can spread its spores to the lungs and lead to serious respiratory issues.

Reduce Dust Mites

Dust mites are microscopic, but they’re there – thousands and even millions of them, just waiting to be inhaled. In fact, half a teaspoon of dust can contain up to 20,000 dust mites! Take a look at your carpeted space and you’ll be shocked to think of how many dust mites are hiding in there. If you suffer from a constant runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing, you may be allergic to dust mites.

Promote High Air Quality

Vacuuming your carpet is a big part of regular cleaning and maintenance, as it removes dirt from the surface of your flooring. But that’s all it does – gets dirt off the surface. The rest of the dirt and dust settles to the bottom of the pile, left to sit there and negatively impact your indoor air quality. Even if your vacuum has a deep clean setting, there will still be a lot of contaminants that don’t get sucked up.

Having your carpets steam cleaned by a professional once or twice a year can get deep into the pile of your carpet at the base to not only suck out the ground-in dirt but sanitize the area as well.

Reduce Odors

Perhaps you cook a lot, have many kids or pets, smoke, live in a congested area or live in an apartment building. All of these factors can contribute to odors that get trapped in your carpet and linger over time. Carpet cleaning rids your floors of foul odors because it destroys their root cause.

Improve Sleep Quality

Your respiratory rate changes when you’re sleeping, leading to a decreased, steadier breathing rate. Considering that you likely sleep for six to eight hours a night, better air quality at night can lead to an easier night’s sleep. You’ll feel more refreshed and alert throughout the day, too.

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