New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home

Young women unpacking in new rented apartment

While making New Year’s resolutions to better yourself are great, such as losing weight or going back to school, why not take some time to make resolutions for your home in 2022? From cleaning your carpets regularly to getting organized, here are some ways to make sure your home is sparkling clean, safe and healthy in the new year.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Come up with a cleaning schedule and stick to it. Make a list of all the chores that must be done and organize them by priority and time frame. What needs to be cleaned daily, weekly, or monthly? What should be done twice a year? Hint: professional carpet cleaning. This doesn’t mean you have to take on all chores yourself. Get the rest of the family involved and divvy up the cleaning schedule so it’s more manageable.

Don’t forget a schedule specifically for a deep cleaning regimen. It’s generally recommended that you clean your carpets twice a year, but even more frequently if you have small children and pets. Consistent carpet cleaning will:

  • Remove dirt and stains the vacuum cannot reach
  • Remove allergens that are trapped deep down in your carpet fibers
  • Extend the life of your carpet
  • Remove odors and give your home a fresh scent
  • Ensure you adhere to your carpet’s warranties

Cleaning your home involves more than just carpets, though. You should also resolve to sweep and clean your tile and grout as well. Your professional carpet cleaner can also provide cleaning for your tile floors. Not only does neglect look unsightly but it can also attract bacteria that gives off an odor or can even make you sick.

Get Organized

Another good resolution for your home is to get organized. Sometimes the household may seem like it’s getting away from you, between chores, meals, drop-offs and pickups, work and other obligations. You can stay on top of things by:

  • Organizing your budget: This is a common New Year’s resolution that you should embark on for 2022. Within this housekeeping budget, you should earmark small costs like cleaning supplies and vacuum filters, as well as the big things like semi-annual carpet cleaning by a professional.
  • Organizing your routine: Get in the habit of clearing away clutter on a daily basis. Do a quick walk around the house before going to bed, gather up any items that are out of place, and return them to their rightful spot. Vacuum or sweep the floors, do the dishes, and just generally tidy up as you go. If you do this every day, the mess won’t get out of control.
  • Organizing your home: Now it’s time to focus on other areas of your home. Organize your pantries, closets and storage spaces. Add shelving and bins to more easily store and display your stuff. If your laundry room is a mess, tackle that one first. Place detergents in one bin, hangers in another and stain removers in another. If your kitchen pantry is disorganized, take everything out and replace it in a neat fashion. Whatever the case, focus on the areas of your home that cause you anxiety.

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