Does Carpet Cleaning Kill Fleas?

Dog and cat laying on carpet in front of couch.

In a word, yes. But while the high temperature of professional steam cleaning will eradicate existing fleas from your carpeting, it won’t solve your overall flea infestation problem. You’ll have to take some steps to make sure those fleas don’t come back. Check out these tips to get rid of fleas right at the source.

Those tiny fleas don’t just live in your carpet, they also set up shop in upholstery, pet bedding and actually on your pet. Carpet cleaning does remove fleas and their eggs from rugs and carpets, but it doesn’t address other areas where fleas like to hide out. Keep in mind, fleas thrive in moist, warm environments, becoming a nuisance particularly in the spring when temperatures start to warm up and there’s more moisture in the air.

Fleas can’t survive at temperatures above 95 degrees F. Luckily, here at 1st Class Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, we use the Butler System, which runs at a consistent temperature of 200 degrees to effectively sterilize all surfaces it touches.

Kill Fleas on Pets

Before you do anything else, you should treat your pets for fleas and their eggs. Ask your vet or pet groomer for a recommendation on treatment, which could include medicated shampoo, topical medication, body powder or a flea collar.

Wash and Vacuum

Next up, it’s time to wash and vacuum. Everything. Don’t forget to wash your pet’s bedding, upholstery cushion covers and curtains. The hot water from the washing machine and heat from the dryer is enough to kill fleas and eggs. Vacuum carpets, area rugs, furniture and cat trees, then dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag. While the vacuum sucks up fleas and eggs, they’re still alive in that bag.

Get Your Carpets Cleaned

Vacuuming your carpets and upholstery is not enough though. Now it’s time to bring in the pros. The high temperature of the steam cleaning system is more than enough to kill off all the fleas and eggs. Professionals can also clean your upholstery, furniture, mattresses, and drapes and curtains. After this process, not only will your carpets be flea-free, your whole home will be clean, fresh, and allergen free.

Repeat the Process

Flea eggs that somehow slipped through the first round of cleaning will still need to be eliminated, as they will start to hatch within a day or two. Also, keep in mind, they can remain dormant for up to a year when in the right conditions. You’ll likely have to re-treat your pet within the week to kill fleas that may have hatched or didn’t get eliminated during the first treatment. Same goes for washing and vacuuming.

Severe Flea Infestation?

In the case of severe infestations, it may be wise to hire a local pest control company or try some over-the-counter options, including special powders that you apply to furniture and carpet before washing and vacuuming.

So, to answer the question — does carpet cleaning kill fleas – yes, it does but you also have to take other steps to fully eradicate fleas from other areas of your home and from your pet, or else they will just come back. It’s always wise to invest in professional carpet cleaning in Michigan after you have treated the flea problem in your pet.

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