7 Myths About Carpet Cleaning

We’ve been in the carpet cleaning business for a long time, and we’ve heard it all – including all the misconceptions people have about cleaning their carpets. Here we will debunk the top seven myths of carpet cleaning.

1.    Cleaning my carpets will make them get dirty faster.

This may be true IF you didn’t hire a professional or that “professional” didn’t do the job correctly. That’s because some methods can leave behind sticky residue and soil, which means that indeed, improper cleaning can make your carpeting get dirty faster. But if you hire a pro, there are no sticky residues and your carpet will stay cleaner for longer.

2.    Steam cleaning causes mold or mildew to grow.

Again, this is true if you don’t go with a professional or allow for ample drying time. Here at 1st Class Carpet and Upholstery, our machines can dry your carpets within six to eight hours. Generally, mold can start growing within 48 hours if the carpets are still wet after that time.

3.    Vacuuming too much will damage the carpet

Modern carpeting can withstand a lot of vacuuming. However, there are some vacuums out there that are too aggressive for every-day use. Do your research before buying a vacuum.  Vacuuming once a week is sufficient in most homes, but high-traffic areas may need daily vacuuming.

4.    Baking soda will remove odors from my carpet.

This method tends to only masks odors without removing the source. Baking soda will absorb some of the odors, but doesn’t get rid of the odor’s source. It’s very hard to vacuum out or clean up all the left-over powder, and eventually it will cause friction and wear, resulting in permanent damage to your carpet. And the smell will probably return anyway.

5.    Carpeting causes allergies.

Dust, dander, and soil can settle into your carpet and remain there if not regularly maintained. The key here is maintenance. Regular vacuuming and carpet cleaning can remedy this just fine. Tearing out all your carpet is not the solution. Why? It doesn’t change the amount of dust, dander and soil invading your home. Ask yourself: where does all that go if you don’t have carpeting any longer? It settles on the floors, air, beds, walls — basically anywhere it wants.

6.    My carpets aren’t that old so they don’t need to be cleaned.

If your carpet’s just a few years old, you may not think it needs a professional clean. However, this is more than enough time for your carpet to be dirty on the inside where you can’t see it – even if it still looks new. In fact, carpet is designed to hide dirt and soil, but by the time that dirt is visible, the damage has already been done. As a rule of thumb, you should get your carpets cleaned at least once a year.

Pay attention to your warranty. When you buy new carpet, it states within your warranty that it has to be cleaned either once a year or every 18 months, or your warranty will be void if you fail to get it professionally cleaned.

7.    I can use any old cleaner to remove stains.

This myth can prove disastrous to your carpeting. Many of the big brand name stain removers actually attract soil and can ruin your carpet. It’s best to ask your carpet cleaning company which products are the safest to use when you need to clean a stained area in between professional cleanings.

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I could not be happier with our cleaning service from 1st Class! From my first call, Ginny worked with me to optimize the timing of our cleaning with other work being done, and all communication from there was clear and thorough. Claude and Ginny are genuinely nice people and were a pleasure to work with during the cleaning. They clearly know their stuff and stand behind their work. Results were my formerly bedraggled 9 year old carpets looking brand new and a company I will definitely use again and recommend to others.
Sarah C.
This Company did a fantastic job on our 30+ year old carpet that just won't wear out! While we were moving furniture back afterward, I noticed a strip in a traffic area that didn't look quite right. When I contacted them, they were back out within a few hours and promptly took care of the issue!
Sue G.
Awesome company, my furniture looks amazing. They were clean and professional. Also, on time and went right to work!
michele G.
I saw their google reviews and called them for carpet cleaning. Very professional and the best carpet cleaners I have ever had and very reasonable prices. 😊😊😊
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Very professional, polite, the carpets looked and smelled wonderful!
Christine L.
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Tina S.
This company is amazing! I highly recommend them! They were on time and super friendly and did an amazing job! Great experience!
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Team just left moments ago after carpet cleaning. House looks much better already. They got out stuck on stains. Highly recommend them. After using others, they are now our go to carpet cleaning crew.
J. A.
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Caitlin S.
Hung up the phone and they were at our front door in minutes. Toilet leaking all over wet carpet.
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My 2 dogs got skunked last night. We cleaned up everything we could ourselves but our main rug i couldnt get the smell out. I called 1st class and HANDS DOWN the FASTEST SERVICE IVE EVER GOTTEN. Lucky for me they live down the road and were here at my house 15 mins later. Totally professional, got rid of the smell and so understanding and helpful.Im passing there information on to all my neighbors and friends because you dont get service like they provide anywhere else!!!Thanks again for everything!!!!
Kyle O.
Would recommend this company. On time and courteous. Excellent job on my carpet which was extremely dirty looks great now.
Dorothy M.
They were fabulous! They were early and got some nasty stuff out. Thank you so much.
Laura Y.
We have a carpet that was the best quality at the time, but is 30 years old. It had so many stains, I was sure they were permanent. The owners showed up with state of the art equipment and 'steam' cleaned, not hot water clean, and got almost every stain and mark out of this old carpet. It honestly looks like new. The only stain remaining was because it was actual wood stain and you have to replace the carpet with that much damage. The steam allows you to walk on the carpet in 6 hours instead of the usual 24. We are selling this house and the carpet was the only sore spot, but not anymore. I will recommend this company to family and friends with a clear conscience.
Tom T.