How to Keep Your Home Clean While Your Kids Are Home This Summer

Mom with Daughter Doing Laundry

Whether you have a college age student home on break from university or an elementary school child ready to embrace summer and splash in the pool, your kids are all home and they’re making messes! Your carpets and upholstery will take the brunt of most of it. While there are some things you can do to ensure your home stays clean all summer, it’s also a good idea to hire professional carpet cleaners in Detroit MI who can get those areas clean no matter how much traffic your floors are getting.

Here are some tips on how to keep your home clean while the kids are home this summer.

Create a Chore Chart

Kids of all ages can get involved with cleaning when you create a chore chart. Post it in a central location and pass out chores, which may rotate on a weekly basis between kids. Your older teens can wash bedding and curtains, younger kids can vacuum or mop tile floors, and even toddlers can be taught to pick up their toys to avoid tripping hazards. Reward them when chores are done.

Simple room management is also considered a chore. For instance, your older teens should bring their empty dishes and cups from their rooms to the dishwasher every evening. Anyone who has a teen knows this simple directive can keep smells at bay!

Immediately Clean Spills

We all know a stain has a better chance of setting in if it sits there for a while. Train your children to wipe up spills and alert you of potential stains right as they happen. Let your kids clean alongside you. Show them what to do to remove a stain. This empowers them to handle the situation the next time.

Create a Storage System

Set up storage bins in a central area of the home, and label one for each family member. Encourage everyone to keep their toys, sports equipment, shoes and more in their own cubby. Making every child responsible for their own stuff keeps your house clean and the floors clear of debris. Plus, it makes it easier to find things!

Now that the kids are all home, don’t waste time getting them involved in the cleanup each and every day. Your carpet and upholstery will thank you. Of course, your family can’t handle it all. You need pros with the proper equipment and high water temperatures to really get out the ground-in dirt.

You should have your carpets professionally cleaned once or twice a year – ideally in the spring before all the kids invade your home, and again in the fall when they go back to school.

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